Learn new skills or share your talents with others

Our shed has three main areas: A social area, a craft area and a fully equipped workshop. We use these spaces to carry out a number of activities but by far our biggest activity is joinery.

While we are not a teaching organisation, we are a community of helpful people! Members can help anyone less experienced in using the equipment we have – provided of course that this can be done safely.

What Do We Make Here?

Over the years we have taken on a whole load of different projects, from renovating our ‘shed’ to making a range of different items...

Tool Storage Units

Workshop Computer Area

Gardening Stools

Tool Caddies

Planters for the RNLI

Storage Boxes


Side Tables

Wall Organisers

Would You Like Us to Make You Something?

We have supported a number of schools, community projects etc. over the years and, where possible, do not charge, although donations are always welcome. Our focus is for our members to do the work for their well-being, fine-tuning their skills along the way.
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My Shed Story

"The first time I went along to GEMS Men Shed I didn't know what to expect as I suffer from depression and anxiety along with a lot of other medical conditions. Even going through the door felt quite frightening to start with, however I told myself I had nothing to lose. It gave me an incentive to get out of bed – I used to lie in until about 11am or 12noon. After a few weeks of being there I felt less scared and started to actually take part in the activities. Having previously stayed in my garden all that time and relied on my partner a lot for support, it showed me that I could go out and socialise, that I should laugh and joke again!"