Hello & Welcome

GEMS welcomes all members over the age of 18 of the Montrose and district community.
About Us

Healthier, Happier and More Connected

Everyone has a place in the shed. Coming together on a regular basis we have created an environment where we can socialise and work on projects and hobbies.

My Shed Story

“Friendship is the most important thing to me. However I have loved being able to give back to my own community. Using my own skills from when I was a Manufacturing Engineer and the DIY skills I have picked up along the way, I am able to contribute to rewarding projects such as building a new stage for a local primary school”

Evan McIntosh

Get involved

The Men’s Shed Movement

GEMS is part of the Scottish Men’s Shed Association whose focus is to encourage growth of the concept and support existing sheds in Scotland. It was created originally in 2015 as part of the worldwide ‘Men’s Shed’ movement and has now developed beyond to incorporate all members of the Montrose community.

Montrose’s Men’s Shed GEMS works with a number of local businesses and individuals to nurture the group's success.

Support Us

GEMS is mainly funded through grants and donations. Members are not expected to contribute membership fees so we can be as inclusive as possible. However, this means that we need to rely on donations of tools, materials and funds from the local community.
How you can help